Amantadine for depression


Highlights. •. Amantadine ameliorated the depression-like behavior caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI). •. Amantadine reduced the neuronal.

I recently tried Amantadine with Zoloft. It was the first and only dopamine agonist Id ever tried. I was also taking the Amantadine for EPS and it. The paper describes the effect of amantadine addition to imipramine therapy in patients suffering from treatment-resistant unipolar depression who fulfilled DSM.

Int Clin Psychopharmacol. 2003 Mar;18(2):93-6. Amantadine as augmentation therapy in the management of treatment-resistant depression. Stryjer R(1), Strous. Key words: Amantadine, plasma levels, depression, ag- gressive behaviour. The antiparkinsonian activity of amantadine, first shown by Schwab et al. [1] in 1969. The risk of suicide is always a concern in depression and this risk is not antiarrhythmics, selegiline (Eldepryl), amantadine (Symmetrel), and. I started 100mg/day amantadine today. amantadine is a weaker NMDA may be effective in treatment-resistant unipolar depression.

"This study is the first randomised clinical trial to test the antidepressive efficacy of amantadine as monotherapy in unipolar depression versus. Amantadine as an antidepressant Amantadine revisited: an open trial of amantadinesulfate treatment in chronically depressed patients with Borna disease.

Hi, 15 years ago, I took amantadine for a few years when I was given an unofficial dx of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I don't remember whether it. Amantadine is used to treat a group of side effects (called parkinsonian side irritability or agitation; depression; confusion; lack of coordination; sleepiness or.