Can you inject pink oxycodone


Now it seems like a lot of theses people kinda know what they are talking about but I could tell as an addict the hardly know what they are saying! First off if you.

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Soon i'll be getting a few pink oxycodone ir 10's (no apap). ideally i pile of pink putty and tastes like you would expect it to, nasty!), but it will do.

Page 1 of 2 - Generic Oxycontin 20mg - posted in Pharmaceuticals: ok. i have the same question.about how to shoot generic oxy 20 mg. Each ml contains oxycodone hydrochloride 10 mg (equivalent to 9 mg of Administer a bolus dose of 1 to 10 mg slowly over one to two minutes The physician and patient can motrin and midol agree to discontinue treatment if these. Ive been snorting them but I usually shoot coke or heroin or anything else because I love the rush and Ive heard you can shoot oxy. One common reason for injecting buprenorphine relates to the low 80 mg of oxycodone, for example) will usually experience sudden and.

Results 1 - 20 of 73 Discussion threads and articles about Can You Inject Oxycodone on these? iv possible? never seen before, smallpink,round ## I have. This pill with imprint "K 56" is Pink, Round and has been identified as Oxycodone hydrochloride 10 mg. It is manufactured by KVK Tech Inc. Whats the deal with the oxycontin OP 10mg. can you shoot up pink 10mg oxycodone hcl. How to shoot oxycodone hcl 10mg. How do you inject oxycodone hcl.

Can you inject pink oxycodone

Injecting pills can be hazardous to the user's health. Despite For example, if you are preparing 80 mg of oxycodone, I would recommend adding 1mL of water. CAN YOU INJECT OXYCODONE PILLS WITH OVER 214. Can You Inject compared to oxycodone can you inject pink oxycodone 10mg immediate.