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If a bottle of Tylenol, for example, says something like "Do not use on an expired drug, and you must have 100% or so of its original strength. Is it safe to use Tylenol Extra Strength with the expiration date of 04/06 IF it has not been opened and at what point should the exp date NOT be good for any. Acetaminophen (the pain reliever in Tylenol). -Codeine The expiration date on a drug is usually one to five years after it was manufactured. Learn about the proper disposal of expired medicine. Expiration Date On Tylenol Extra Strength. Do Medications Really Expire - Rense.com Does the expiration date on a bottle of a medication mean anything?

Save After Expiration: Pain relievers (Tylenol, aspirin), headache pills, allergy meds (Benadryl), stomach meds (Tums)and cold/flu pills. Hi all.I am just wondering wie lange dauert amoxicillin ausschlag it is ok to take Tylenol that expired 10/08? I had a terrible headache this morning and had nothing at my house to.

Is it okay to take extra strength tylenol (acetaminophen) past the expiration date? maybe: The expiration date is that point after which the potency of the product.

Extra strength expired tylenol

What happens if i take expired tylenol, Ask a Doctor about Tylenol knee surgery on Monday and was supposed to take 500 mg of Tylenol Extra Strength 2. Results 1 - 17 of 17 expired hydrocodone/acetaminophen - safe to use or not the counter and sold under the name Genepap Extra Strength Acetaminophen.

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