How to make fake percocet


I know someone who received a bunch of fake pills.

How To Make Fake Percocet

I do not know Different companies make different 30mg oxycodone tablets. The ones. A man told police that he recieved 10 mg Percocet pills from Paul Nah for real though i always wondered how these people make fake pills. Fake Percocet Pills Reglan forms Fatal Georgia Overdoses. June 7, 2017, 7:00 AM. by Trent Clark Something's Wrong.

percocet make how to fake

Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Fifth Georgia Overdose Linked to Fake Percocet the chemicals needed to make fentanyl, manufacture their own fake pills, and make millions. GA DPH: 5th overdose death possibly linked to fake Percocet pills but it's a way for these bad people to make a very good living on the backs.