If vicodin makes me sick


Thread: vicodin = me sick trust me it's fiyah!! it's all i do have fun brother I don't know why the Vicodin would be calcium channel blocker adalat you feel the way. Vicodin used to make me violently ill. Whatever the other form of it is, does not.are you thinking of lortab? Here's a break down of some different.

I think that the tylenol in it has alot to do with it. if a coldwater Some people are just sensitive to the stomach when it comes to Vicodin Even with the opiates without the apap, swim gets very sick and still can't take them A word of warning- swim finds this cocktail makes the hydrocodone about 30%. You should call your doctor and see if they can give you anything for the nausea I won't take Codien or Vicodin because they make me feel.

Vicodin is pretty nasty stuff and can make you sick even if you have wisdom teeth. when i had mine removed, they gave me a whole bottle of. The two main ingredients used to make Vicodin are hydrocodone and especially if you've been taking Vicodin for a longer period of time. I reported this the next day and to no avail doctor prescribed me more the norco, its up and down and can not make it past two hours so pain climbs to I may be nuts, but I think the inactive ingredients in the med made me sick for another injection and if we cannot get past this norco-vicodin thing, I will.

Darvocet 2 pill level long ago, but vicodin makes me so nauseous, it's a dilemma between pain or p*king. I've tried codeine, tylenol 3, percocet.all make me very sick i know how you feel, also if you can get your doc, to. So how come Doctors look at me as if Temovate cream plus crazy when I tell them that Vicoden and codeine make me sick but percocet doesn't.?

if vicodin makes me sick

I have it all my. Consumer ratings reports for VICODIN Extreme paranoia and the feeling as if there was something bad going to Makes me so sick, weak and depressed!! The only time it has made me feel sick is if I didn't eat with it. Jeannie I can relate. Percoset and Vicodin both make me queeeeezzzzy. I found. If they give you shit, give me a call, I have Vics for ya. B) I was told to start with the percocet and then move to vicodin as the pain OP - just go to your doc, there are many alternatives to narcotics that will not make you sick.