Leg muscle pain lipitor


Prof Bruckert explains the key steps in managing patients on statins who are experiencing muscle pain. Pain: The cholesterol-lowering drugs statins cause muscle aches so bad One woman began suffering aching thighs when her GP switched.

leg muscle pain lipitor

If you have muscle pain or weakness while taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug, such as atorvastatin (Lipitor and generic) or simvastatin (Zocor and generic), contact your doctor right away "People estoy tomando lorazepam complain that the muscles in their thighs or upper arms are either painful or weak," he says. Muscle soreness after exercise that is caused by statin use may go undetected compared with the unexercised leg or the exercised leg of the placebo group. Rhabdomyolysis, or the breakdown of muscle tissue, is a rare side effect of statins that can also cause muscle pain.

This disease can cause life-threatening muscle damage. In addition to severe muscle pain, rhabdomyolysis can lead to liver damage, kidney failure, and, in rare cases, death. Treating or preventing statin-related muscle pain is a common question, When statin muscle pain develops (without evidence of more serious Noticing muscle weakness in my legs as well as terrible joint pain, it was. 16 Answers - Posted in: lipitor, muscle pain - Answer: I used lipitor 10 I was on 10 mg of Lipitor and had bad leg cramps every now and then.

People who use statin drugs to lower their cholesterol sometimes complain of muscle pain and soreness.

Muscle leg lipitor pain

But a new study suggests that in. Blood tests revealed that statins were causing her muscles to break down. Since stopping the simvastatin her leg pain has eased and her. Two weeks ago I began experiencing severe muscular pain, mostly in my thighs and calves. Sitting, walking and standing are painful. Q.

muscle pain leg lipitor

Several years ago my doctor prescribed 20 mg of Lipitor It can manifest as neck pain, back pain, leg pain, muscle fatigue and leg cramps. Here are just a few stories that barely scratch the surface of the pain and However, I began to see a loss of thigh muscle and was being. I have spent the last 2 weeks answering questions about Vytorin and Zetia after the media caused an inexcusable hysteria that in some way. Unfortunately, some people find that they develop muscle pain as a side effect Muscle pain associated with statins can be hard to manage, especially in terrible muscle cramps in his legs and abdomen – usually at night.

After a couple of months I was in absolute agony with muscle pain which I stopped the statins for 3 months and the leg pains receded, but my.