Metronidazole flagyl syrup dosage


Metronidazole is a synthetic antibiotic and antiprotozoal used to treat and prevent Dosing Information of Metronidazole for Dogs and Cats. Each 5 ml of Suspension contains Metronidazole Benzoate 40mg/kg orally as a single dose or 15 -30 mg/kg/day divided in 2-3 doses for 7. Administration of a single oral dose of metronidazole benzoate, the slow absorption and delayed peak plasma level, Flagyl suspension is not.

Flagyl(Metronidazole): Amebiasis; urogenital trichomoniasis; non-specific vaginitis; giardiasis. Curative treatment of medico-surgical infections due to su.

Flagyl syrup dosage metronidazole

3 Dosage for Anaerobic infections. Metronidazole is given three times a day. morning, early afternoon and at bedtime.make these times at least 6 hours apart, for. If your child has ever had a reaction to any antibiotic, check with your doctor that Liquid medicine (suspension): 200 mg in 5 mL Your doctor will work out the amount of metronidazole (the dose) that is right for your child.

You may hear metronidazole called by its brand name, Flagyl® If your child is getting liquid metronidazole, measure the dose with the special spoon or. (Metronidazole benzoate 200 mg Equivalent to Metronidazole 125 mg) To be effective, this antibiotic should be used regularly at the doses prescribed and. The name of this medicine is Flagyl S 200mg/5ml Oral Suspension (called Flagyl in Flagyl contains a medicine called metronidazole benzoate. This belongs to a The dose of Flagyl will depend on your needs and the illness being treated.

Flagyl 4% - Oral Suspension Composition 100 mL what does metronidazole contains Flagyl 4% Oral Suspension contains: Metronidazole benzoate: 4 mg (equivalent to 2.5 mg of metronidazole) Generic Name: Metronidazole. Dosage Form: Oral Suspension.

metronidazole flagyl syrup dosage

License. Metronidazole is an antibiotic that is used to treat a wide variety of infections The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment.