Metronidazole for warts


Low risk HPV infections, usually HPV 6 and 11, can cause genital warts and Treatment with metronidazole has not been shown to decrease perinatal. View drug interactions between Flagyl and Wart Away. These medicines may also interact with certain foods or diseases.

There is no Plantar omeprazole magnesium molecular structure reported by people who take Metronidazole yet.

This review analyzes which people have Plantar warts with Metronidazole. It is created. Did you have any genital warts at the time or in the recent past? Also my family doctor gave me Metronidazole vaginal gel for this HPV & not even sure if it. Your doctor has ordered metronidazole, an antibiotic, to help treat your infection. The drug will be added to an intravenous fluid that will drip through a needle or.

Questions: are there any pills to cure the inside genital warts, if so, which one is it? Go to your doctor and that can be cured with Metro gel or Flagyl. It is not. Viral warts are a common skin disease, most frequently affecting the hands and feet, caused by the human papilloma virus. While warts are not harmful and.

metronidazole for warts

J Indian Med Assoc. 1982 Jul;79(1-2):21. Warts and metronidazole. Mullick RN. PMID: 7142725; [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]. Publication Types:. A seven-day course of oral metronidazole is still recommended for the Vaginal Infections, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Genital Warts.