Who makes paxil


Of these, Sara says, Paxil was the worst. It made Cecily more and more agitated, increasingly forgot to take domperidone herself.

Finally she ended it in what. The generic that didn't work for me in the past was made by that same company Does Apotex now have to use the EXACT Paxil formula and.

Who makes paxil

The Paxil didn't make me less depressed, but it did give me awful insomnia. And even when I did manage to sleep, my head still felt like it was.

paxil makes who

Neurontin, gabapentin : Pfizer; Norpramin, desipramine : Hoechst Marion Roussel; Paxil, paroxetine : GlaxoSmithKline; Pamelor, nortriptyline : Novartis. General Information: Paxil is a serotonin-speciļ¬c drug used to treat depression and anxiety. It is not habit-forming. Guidelines for Use: Generic paroxetine is.